February 2019

  • Templates are created for new issues and PRs



  • Querying user changed from domain/username to ContentQuery
  • Setup factory method is added


  • Support of Forms authentication is added


  • arguments are renamed to methodArguments (strict mode reserved word fix)


  • Refactored tests to enzyme


  • load and loadCollection observable events are added


  • Refactored reference search to react-autosuggest
  • Optional forwardable autoSuggestProps to Reference Field is added



  • Search component is integrated to DMS
  • Saved query feature (saved query list with basic actions, double-click open, save query dialog)
  • Default auth provider is changed to Forms


  • material-ui is updated and the related deprecation warnings are fixed
  • Favicon is fixed
  • Updated snapshots
  • reflect-metadata source map loading error is fixed
  • Messagebar is fixed to be in a fixed position


  • Updated dependencies
  • Id is removed from Search example