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  • June 2019 / 2

    Another 4 weeks went by, here are the changes we made 👇🏻

    Monorepo changes

    • As tslint will be deprecated, we’ve switched to eslint with @typescript-eslint. We’ve also reviewed and fine-tuned our linting rules.



    • fixed deepMerge implementation for falsy but defined values


    • added GET method parameter parsing from the action body
    • optional requestInit parameter on for request cancellation
    • new action for repository.getWopiData()


    • fixed sandbox attribute’s value


    • Fixes in ColorPicker control
    • Fixes in Allowed Child Types control


    • Office Online integration
    • changed the default app service URL to our devservice repository
    • various search fixes


    • Custom OData action and function execution from the Command Palette
    • Added “Download file” option from the context menu
    • Office Online integration - Added “Open in online editor” option from context menu
    • Drawer menu - Pimp up and added “Content Types”, “Localization” and “Trash”
    • Dashboard - Settings and first version
    • Added Request Counter Service
    • Fixed theme validation issue in PersonalSettings