• August 2019

    Another 4 weeks went by, here are the changes we made πŸ‘‡πŸ»


    The first major version of the new admin surface is out with this release. πŸ₯³ It is (and will be) available on admin.sensenet.com. Feel free to try it out and send us feedback. πŸ™‹β€


    • material-ui is upgraded to the latest
    • all the package readme files are now unified, texts are polished and the badges are updated



    • ODataBuilder URI component returns now an encoded url πŸ‘€


    • settings are connected to settings docs
    • favicon is added and set
    • login form is now using the material-ui validation and error messages
    • login form is redesingned: future buttons and links are added, colors are updated, etc. ✨
    • info dialog shows the fields with the browse view instead of a hardcoded field list
    • drawer is refactored and can be now customized in many ways
    • a close button is added to the document viewer


    • enum values are coming back as enum arrays from the server


    • content load in reference grid can give back results array or one content
    • reference grid is fixed when no allowed child types are present


    • fix opening file from search dropdown
    • document viewer can be closed by hitting β€˜esc’ πŸ’†β€
    • fix document paging


    • fix document viewer example to work with both id and path

    You can find the release here