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Workspace local groups

In sensenet the default location of users and groups is the IMS folder. However we can create groups under workspaces too. The main purpose of Workspace local groups is to help permission management inside workspaces. They are located under the Groups system folder in workspaces and workspace permissions can be defined for these groups. If the local group structure is properly configured, the only thing workspace administrators should do when a new user is assigned to a workspace is to add them to the proper local group(s) instead of assigning permissions to individual users.

In sensenet there are three predefined local groups (Owners, Members, Visitors) that cover the most important use cases but there are no limitations to add or remove groups or modify the default behavior. Groups are contents too (like almost everything in sensenet), so you can add additional groups to workspaces as easily as you add folders. Populating a group with users is an easy task as well using our group management GUI with instant search capability.

You can use local groups when you are building up workspace templates as well. With this technique you can provide ready-made workspaces for your users.

It is also possible to add local groups as members to global groups. This way you can easily extend the rights of global groups - for example built-in groups.

Built-in local groups

In sensenet there are three predefined local groups with three different permission levels.

Permission Owners Members Visitors
See ok ok ok
Open ok ok ok
Open Minor ok ok  
Save ok ok  
Publish ok ok  
Force undo checkout ok    
Add New ok ok  
Approve ok    
Delete ok ok  
Recall Old Version ok ok  
See Permissions ok    
Set Permissions ok    
Run Application ok ok ok
Manage Lists and Workspaces ok    

Please note that the local groups listed above have nothing to do with the global Owners group or the Visitor user. Please visit this article for details about global built-in groups and users.

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