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How to deploy to netlify

In this guide we will walk through how to deploy your sensenet spa to netlify.

Hosting Setup

There are two ways you can host your site.

1.) Git Repository Setup

2.) Upload Site Folder

Git Repository Setup

We recommend you to use our starter template that you can find here sn-react-typescript-boilerplate.

After you have your own git repository:

  1. Log in to netlify
  2. Add a new project
  3. Choose continuous deployment with GitHub - this will take you to GitHub to authorize netlify
  4. You should see your repositories listed, choose your newly created git repository
  5. Set the build command to yarn run build and the Publish Directory to bundle
  6. You are all set 🎉

Upload Site Folder

It is pretty much the same as in the git repository setup. Use our boilerplate template and clone it locally.

  1. Run yarn to install dependencies
  2. Run yarn build to build the project - you will see a new folder called bundle is created
  3. Log in to netlify
  4. Drag and drop the bundle folder to the bottom of the site drag and drop netlify
  5. You are all set 🎉

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