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Install sensenet Workspaces from NuGet

This article is for developers about installing the Workspaces component for sensenet from NuGet. Before you can do that, please install at least the core layer, sensenet Services, which is a prerequisite of this component.

About choosing the components you need, take look at this article that describes the main components and their relationships briefly.

sensenet Workspaces

To get started, stop your web site and install the workspaces package the usual way:

  1. Open your web application that already contains the Services component installed in Visual Studio.
  2. Install the following NuGet package (either in the Package Manager console or the Manage NuGet Packages window)

Install-Package SenseNet.Workspaces.Install -Pre

Install the Workspaces component

  1. Open a command line and go to the [web]\Admin\bin folder of your project.
  2. Execute the install-workspaces command with the SnAdmin tool.
.\snadmin install-workspaces

Import demo content

Optionally you may import demo content too:

.\snadmin install-workspaces importdemo:true

The latter will add demo workspaces under the following path in the content repository:


If there were no errors, you are good to go! Hit F5 in Visual Studio and start experimenting with sensenet Workspaces!

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