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Install sensenet WebPages from NuGet

This article is for developers about installing the ASP.NET WebForms-based UI layer of sensenet from NuGet. Before you can do that, please install the core layer, sensenet Services, which is a prerequisite of this component.

About choosing the components you need, take look at this article that describes the main components briefly.

sensenet WebPages

Web project: pull in the packages

  1. Open your web application that already contains the Services component installed.
  2. Install the following NuGet packages (either in the Package Manager console or the Manage NuGet Packages window)

In the web app

Contains installation artifacts (content files, content types, etc).

Install-Package SenseNet.WebPages.Install -Pre

(this will install the other, dll-only package too, no need to pull that in manually)

In other projects

A dll-only package.

Install-Package SenseNet.WebPages

Web app changes

  1. Change the Global.asax.cs codebehind: the application class should inherit from the following class:


Please note that this is a different base class from the one in the Services layer!

    public class MvcApplication : SenseNet.Portal.SenseNetGlobal    
  1. Configure SignalR

In your Startup class, please add the app.MapSignalR() call to the Configuration method so that SignalR hubs are configured correctly when the application starts.

For example:

    public partial class Startup
        public void Configuration(IAppBuilder app)

            // this is necessary for sensenet
  1. Build your solution, make sure that there are no build errors.

Install the sensenet WebPages component

Before installing the component, please make sure that you have access to the Content Repository SQL database where you want to install it. The SnAdmin tool will use the connection string in the [web]\Tools\SnAdminRuntime.exe.config file to access the db, please check that it contains the appropriate user credentials and server/database name.

Open a command line and go to the [web]\Admin\bin folder.

Execute the install-webpages command with the SnAdmin tool.

.\snadmin install-webpages

If there were no errors, you are good to go! Hit F5 in Visual Studio and start experimenting with sensenet WebPages!

After installing sensenet WebPages

After you installed this component, you will be able to log in on the main page and browse, edit or create content on the admin UI (Content Explorer).

About how to log in and enter Content Explorer, follow this URL:

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