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DropDown Field Control

Although this feature is supported in sensenet 7, it is built on the old Web Forms technology that you should not use for new projects. We encourage you to use a more modern UI solution using our client-side packages.

The DropDown Field Control displays a drop-down list for selecting an option from a single-selection Choice field.

When the underlying Choice Field is configured to allow extra value an extra textbox is rendered next to the dropdown control.

Supported Field types



   <sn:DropDown ID="DropDown1" runat="server" FieldName="Style" SelectedValueType="Value" />


The DropDown Field Control renders a Label control in Browse mode and a DropDownList accompanied with a TextBox - the latter for an optional extra value - in Edit mode.

Browse view template

<%@  Language="C#" %>
<asp:Label ID="InnerControl" runat="server" />

Edit view template

<%@  Language="C#" %>
<asp:DropDownList CssClass="sn-ctrl sn-ctrl-select" ID="InnerControl" runat="server" />
<asp:TextBox CssClass="sn-ctrl sn-ctrl-text sn-ctrl-extravalue" ID="ExtraTextBox" runat="server" />


Simple example

   <sn:DropDown ID="DropDown1" runat="server" FieldName="Style" />

Templated example

   <sn:DropDown ID="DropDown1" runat="server" FieldName="Style">
         <asp:DropDownList ID="InnerControl" runat="server" />
         <asp:TextBox ID="ExtraTextBox" runat="server" />

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