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Verison Info

Version Info provides information on the currently running instance of sensenet.

Version Info

Admin UI

The Admin UI section contains information regarding the sensenet client.

Application version: Running version of the sensenet client.

Branch name: sensenet client Github branch in use. Clicking on the branch will direct users to the Github client repository.

Commit Hash: Latest commit for the current branch. Clicking on the hash will direct users to the file diff for the commit.


Several sensenet components are utilized with the sensenet installation. This section describes the components in use and the respective versions.

Installed packages

Similar to the Components section, the installed packages detail all sensenet packages installed, versions, and package descriptions for the installed version of sensenet.


When sensenet is compiled, additional assemblies are linked for use. These assemblies can be standard .NET libraries, open-source libraries (e.g. nuget), or locally built libraries (e.g. sensenet).

All information regarding included assemblies is detailed in this section.

Assembly Information Breakdown

Item Description
Name Full assembly name
Version Included version
Culture Assembly culture (e.g. currency, date. etc.)
PublicKeyToken 64-bit hash corresponding to private key used to sign assembly
File location Absolute path for the assembly in the currently running client

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