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Personal Settings

There are several things that you can customize according to your taste on the Admin UI. You can do most of them in the Personal Settings page. You can open your settings by clicking on the gear ⚙️ icon in the bottom left corner on the drawer.

The settings are stored in a JSON format but you can get some help with the available settings by pressing the CTRL+SPACE combo.

Default, Mobile, Desktop, Tablet

Some settings can depend on the device that you use. You can set different settings for these devices - and a default value that will be applied if you don’t provide a setting on device level.


You can change between light 🌞 and dark 🌜 theme.


You can set up a browseType - it can be explorer (a tree with a content list), commander (a two-panel view) or simple (just a simple content list, the best for mobile). You can also define a list of fields that should be displayed.


You can enable or disable the drawer, change the drawer type and define a list of preconfigured items to display. The drawer types are:

Command Palette

You can enable or disable the command palette and define a wrapQuery expression that will be added to any command palette query.


You can customize your globalDefaultandrepositoryDefault dashboards here.


Your repositories are also stored in the personal settings with an url and the last user’s loginName. You can also define a user-friendly displayName (that will be displayed as the repository’s title instead of the URL) and you can also override the repository’s default dashboard

Last used repository

The last used repository’s URL is also stored in your settings in the lastRepository field. This field will be updated automatically when you switch between repositories.


You can select between the default (english) and hungarian language with the language field.

Events and logging

You can define the size of the event log with the eventLogSize. Only the last N entries will be saved. There is another setting for the entries to persist in the log: the logLevel field. You can also enable / disable attaching the log when you send a crash report with the sendLogWithCrashReports field.

Changing the theme in the personal settings

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