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Dashboard customizations

You can create or edit custom dashboards in your personal settings’s dashboards field. The two available options are globalDefault (that will be displayed if you haven’t entered into a repository) and repositoryDefault (this one can be overwritten on a repository level). These fields can contain a list of widget settings. Each widget should have a title, a widgetType and some settings that depends on the type. They can also have a minWidth property for the minimum width.

You can use some string expressions that will be replaced with the corresponding values in the content or the title. These phrases are: {currentUserName}, {currentRepositoryName}, and {currentRepositoryUrl}

Markdown widget

This widget type has only a content field in its settings that is a markdown content, the widget will simply display it. You can also use HTML syntax in markdown.

Query widget

You can define a custom query with results using the Query widget. The query field should contain a content query, you can define the columns and define some controls to be shown or hidden. The fields are: showColumnNames (this also enables ordering), showOpenInSearch and showRefresh.

The query widget has an additional mode that you can enable with the countOnly field - if you enable this, only the hit count will be displayed.

Updates widget

This one will check the current repository’s version info and compares it with the latest component versions published to It will notify you when updates are available.

The default dashboard

You can check the default repository dashboard as an example. It contains some generic information about the package versions, some stats about the users, documents and recent updates using the Query widget. It contains also links to useful docs and a contact info - they are created with the Markdown widget.

The default dashboard

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