Product goals for 2018 Q2

In Q2 there are some very interesting plans on our roadmap like SN6 to SN7 upgrade patch, Cloud compatibility developments to prepare sensenet for Azure and later to other cloud based environments and a huge UX revamp project to name a few. Online document editing is also a requested feature so we are working to implement Office Web Apps Server to sensenet in the coming months. Read our article to get some updates about plans and goals for Q2 2018.

SN6 to SN7 - Patch is coming

As we no longer provide updates for older versions of sensenet, it is crucial to upgrade every project to the latest version. We are working on a patch which can upgrade existing projects from version 6 to the latest release. Once upgraded to SN7 you can easily install future patches for this version and keep your solution up to date.

We plan to publish this upgrade patch in Q2 this year. Stay tuned as we’ll share more info about development process in the coming weeks.

Cloud compatibility

Cloud compatibility The next milestone in the lifetime of SN7 is cloud compatibility which involves lot of additional researches and developments.

Read about one of the biggest challenge below:

Messaging and cache

We will start working on refactoring messaging and caching in sensenet by examining the industry standard and implementation opportunities. During the first phase we’ll create a study from the current state and opportunities, then we can move on by forming needs and actions for future improvements to modernize messaging and caching. As cloud compatibility is already in the corner, sensenet messaging in cloud environment is also a hot topic in our product team.

sensenet UX revamp

UX revamp After so many under the hood changes like the componentization, as one of the biggest upgrades in SN7, the user interface will get an overhaul as well. We want to create a UI which is future proof and amazig to use, so we started working with UX researchers who are contacting our partners to collect as much feedback as he can.

We would like to understand how people really use sensenet and make it more simple and easy to understand, so you’ll find every button, controls and other elements at the right place, you won’t need to search for them.

The core concept of this revamp is to create the first building blocks of a new simplified user interface with only the required features and separate it from the content explorer. Users will be able to edit permissions, view and manage document but they wont have access to the content explorer (which will be also rewritten) and to more advanced options.

Stay tuned because we’ll share more info about the new sensenet UX in the coming months.

DMS v2.0

In Q2 we will publish the 2.0 version of our document management system which is started back in 2017 as a DMS MVP project. Now we want to go further by implementing the following features into the 2.0 version:

  • Copy and Move action
  • Improved path picker
  • Real time document editing

Check out the current state of the DMS right here. Feel free to clone and explore the solution.

Standalone DocViewer

SN 7 features a powerful Preview Component which can be used in any project. The DocViewer is responsible for displaying preview images of documents, however it’s the role of the preview generator to create these “images” for the DocViewer. Currently we are using Apose’s solution for this task. Our goal is to separate these parts and publish a standalone DocViewer which can be used with any preview generator in any project. This standalone DocViewer will be written entirely in JS and it won’t have any ASP.NET dependencies.

Online document editing

Online editing Many of our partners requested online document editing in addition to the current WebDAV solution so we will integrate Office Web Apps Server to sensenet. According to our roadmap we plan to publish this solution as part of the product in Q2 this year.

More training materials and tutorials

As we promised we are working constantly on training materials. In Q1 we published our first video tutorial of the SN7 era and we constantly migrating articles from our wiki site to the new community site. In most cases some modification is needed, so we review and update all articles before posting them to community site. Check all updated and new docs on our community site docs section.

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