First quarter's achievements

Q1 was quite successful in terms of the product roadmap. We published many tutorials and documentations on our community site to help you start working with sensenet. We decided to publish every feature in both Enterprise and Community Edition of sensenet, and we’ve done many improvements in the core service layer and in the components as well. Read our post to learn more about Q1 in sensenet.


tutorials As SN7 opened a whole new way to develop with sensenet, many tutorials are needed to support early birds, who wants to start using these new possibilities. Now you can work with sensenet using your favourite JS framework or even MVC. At the moment, we provide tutorials for MVC, ReactJS and Aurelia, our most preferred JS frameworks.

IR Decoupling

We started working on the Information Retrieval module refactoring project back in Q4 last year. This module is responsible of indexing and querying within sensenet. See what we achieved in IR decoupling in the past three months.

JWT improvements

jwt improvements In SN7 you have the opportunity to use JSON Web Tokens to authenticate users. In the last few months we’ve made the following improvements concerning JWT Authentication.

  • Users have the option to log out from all devices with a single click
  • Password change now triggers a force log out on all devices
  • Session is destroyed on logout
  • Login extender and audit log works with JWT the same way as with forms auth

Preview component and AD Sync

In Q1 an important decision was made concerning the Enterprise only features of sensenet, therefore we will publish each and every feature as part of the Community Edition, including AD Sync and Preview Component as well.

For that reason the Preview component and AD Sync NuGet packages are available for any sensenet 7 solution even without having Enterprise licences.

First SN7 patch

sn7 patch In February the first patch for sensenet 7 has arrived with several bugfixes and features. At the time of writing, the sensenet 7.1.1 version is already out. Follow releases on GitHub to keep up to date. Read our tutorial about installing patches in sensenet.

Scoped packages

The whole idea behind scoped packages was to divide overgrown client side packages into smaller ones and publish these new, refactored packages under @sensenet scope. Simplifying API and get rid of external dependencies like RxJs library were also among our goals when we started this project a few months ago.

Take a look at our new packages and their dependencies: Scoped packages Learn more about what we achieved in Q1 with npm packages.

Release sn7.1

Back in March, sensenet 7.1 was published packed with many under the hood changes. Major changes were made in indexing and querying generalization. All of these modifications are needed to prepare Lucene search engine to work as a service instead as a local index. In this first phase no changes have been made in architectural level, however you may need to rebuild or update some libraries before executing the patch due to some API changes. Please read our post to learn more about the changes and the installation process.


We have a huge amount of tests in sensenet, that’s why their runtime and effectiveness are really important. Before SN7, we used more than 1400 tests and most of them were integration tests which required a fully installed sensenet and lot of time to run. We decided to start over and use unit tests to increase effectiveness of testing and development. The new tests are intended to test small pieces of the source code without depending on other parts, therefore we can quickly locate errors without reviewing the whole code. Another important point is that the runtime of these tests is now much shorter so we are able to run more tests in less time.

What’s next

As you can see above, so many things happened with sensenet in the first quarter and we will continue improving the product based on our goals and your feedback as well. We will be back soon with another article about Q2 goals so stay tuned. In the meantime if you have any idea to improve sensenet, a pull request is always welcome.

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