Product goals for 2017

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Everybody needs goals

Us, too. In fact we need better goals, than “making more money” or “creating better stuff”. So last year we decided to be SMART about it and set high-level product goals for ourselves and for our community. After all, we want to be the best ECM development platform for a large community of developers. But how do we get there?

Smart goals

What goals?

Agility boost

We realized that our time to market is too slow. One reason behind this was that the product was too monolithic to begin with. It is the pitfall of legacy code everywhere. The team was battling bugs and new feature requests without refactoring for a while, so it is now time for a big overhaul. If you look closely at our repositories, you may see that componentization has already started. What was one big chunk of code in the old sensenet, now consists of 2 separate packages. There are at least 4 more to come (Workspaces, Worklows, Notifications and the DocViewer with the Preview Generator). Once we’re done, we’ll aim to release hotfixes every other week and have feature releases at least once in a quarter (depending on the size of the feature). Sensenet Components

If you’d like to know more about sensenet components, check here.

Measure all the things

The team wanted to know if we were developing the right features for the right set of people. We needed better channels for communication and lots of data. Right now we aggregate a fair amount of GitHub statistics with NuGet, npm, Twitter, Facebook and Google Analytics data so we can have a clearer picture of our “community health”. The next step is product-related usage statistics: it is crucial to know how people use our product and how can we create better user experiences.

Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or clone the repository and we’ll need to check on our stats. We’ll hate that (not really, so please, be a good champ).

Become a more accessible ECMS development platform

Developers like to use tools that make their lives easier. The team is determined to deliver a product that is modular, easy to understand, well documented and augmented with tools that make you feel like flying when creating a company intranet for a client. This can only be done if we have a community of developers who can tell us what they think. Why don’t you tell us, what you think? Hop on gitter and say hi. Try out sensenet and share your thoughts!

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