Pack your things, Susan, we are moving - sensenet is on GitHub now.

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We moved. To GitHub, with our code and management tools… and our documentation and this blog(!); and to Stack Overflow with your questions and our answers.

Finally. Okay, we’ve been moving to these platforms for almost a year, but still. We haven’t yet had the chance to tell anyone. Also, I think this is the stage when one can look around and say that - in spite of the several unopened boxes and the fact that the paint is not yet dried on the wall - sensenet is finally home again.

So why did we suddenly drop Codeplex and our own Forum (and blog) in favor of external services?

Visibility, visibility, visibility

We can be the best .NET Open Source Enterprise Content Management System in the Universe if no one knows about it, right? And the World has moved a lot since we set up the tools we have been using since.

GitHub is the de-facto place for open source

It just really makes sense for us to be there as well. This way, we can focus on development and on delivering the most value for everyone involved. We’d like to continue giving a lot of value to our Community (and even more to our Enterprise customers) so you’ll see some buzz near our repositories.

Increased productivity

Over the past years we used a plethora of tools for managing our development process. Now, almost everything is on GitHub. In the last 3 sprints we tried out the ZenHub chrome extension and so far, it’s great. Before this we had a separate backlog, we had our issues in Jira (to be fair, for our enterprise customers, we still do) and we had several repositories in TFS. It was a convoluted process to put together a decent release and even more complicated to get feedback from our users. Now you can:

  • Chat with us on Gitter
  • Throw your issues and bugs at us using GitHub issues
  • Have your questions answered on Stack Overflow
  • And even Contribute by either fixing a bug or expanding our documentation - all in one place

Happy Coder, happy community

We are also in the process of moving our community codebase from TFS hoping to achieve better time-to-market and happier users who’ll get our hotfixes and new features considerably faster.

So there. Now it is all out there in the open, waiting for you to take part.

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