3 things you will love in Sense/Net smartphone app

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Sense/Net has always been an innovative and open-minded company, with focus on the latest-greatest things. That’s why we decided to start working on a mobile app which makes our users’ life easier.

sensenet mobile app

Here’s the list:

  • The first thing is, you will be able to download it from Google Play Store or App Store in a couple of weeks, because we’ve been developing the app for months. With this app, being out of office, will never be a problem(or excuse :) ) because the app provides full access to your Document Libraries.
  • The access to your Document Libraries has never been easier. (Basic stuff) We’ve made super easy to check the basic details of your files, create new folders or upload files. All your data is cached, so the app itself is blazing fast. The app was designed with security in mind. This means we’ve implemented new and more secure Login/Logout flow, so no one has access to your files without your permission. During the design process we’ve inspired from other great cloud apps like Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive to provide a user interface, which the users are used to.

sensenet mobile app document library

  • Sharing is everything. (Upload files) Have you ever wanted to upload files on the go? With Sense/Net app not just the viewing is possible but you can upload new files to any Document Library. Furthermore this works in every app on your phone. For example: if you receive an e-mail with an important attachment you can upload it immediately.

sensenet mobile app upload

  • +1: Odata improvements We’ve improved Odata along this project, because the mobile app needed some addition in the API. Security was raised to the next level in Sense/Net 6.5.3 because a proper Login/Logout was implemented, so from Sense/Net 6.5.3 you will be able to handle user authentication more secure.

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