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External module Store

Module for configuring a store.

Module to create and configure a sensenet redux store.

It is actually a redux based data store, that lets you keep your application data in on place, allows you to access (get and update) the application state or subscribe to its listeners.

Two middlewares are built-in:

  • sn-redux-promise-middleware is a redux-promise-middleware based middleware for Redux. It's needed to handle async actions to create side effects and more, so that your app will be able to get or post data to sensenet Content Repository through OData with ajax requests.
  • redux-logger creates a detailed log on the dev toolbar console on all state changes. You can add other middlewares too through the configureStore functions second param as an array of middlewares. But the built-in middlewares will be the part of the applied middleware group in every way.
import * as React from "react";
import * as ReactDOM from "react-dom";
import Authentication from 'redux-authentication' //for including custom middleware
import { myRootReducer } from '../myApp/Reducers'

const store = Store.createSensenetSto(myRootReducer, myRootEpic, [Authentication]);

<Root store={store} />,



Const createSensenetStore

  • Method that configures a sensenet Redux store

    Type parameters

    • T


    Returns Store<T>

    store {Store} Returns a preconfigured Redux store.

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