A flexible development platform

A central repository with an extendable API ready for integration

  • Modern web technologies

    Do not worry about the backend! Use the client side technology of your choice (for example React or Aurelia with Redux) to build your UI and business logic on top of our Content Repository REST API using the sensenet JavaScript SDK.

  • Flexible back-end

    Use or extend our wide server-side .Net API, integrate sensenet into your MVC web application, or even replace one of our pluggable components with your own custom provider!

  • Growing widget stock

    You are not alone! Our community builds plugins for the many extensibility points of sensenet. Use them or build your own components for the benefit of your clients or the community.

Where to start?

Want to see more APIs?

Dive deep into the extensive documentation

Whether you need a simple API reference or detailed articles on how to customize a feature – we got you covered! Check the documentation, and in case you do not find something there, just head over to Stack Overflow, somebody is always there to help.

Ready to create?

Check out 3rd party plugins and start building your own

Create your own features. Extensibility is one of the aspects of sensenet that we are most proud of. Ranging from creating a simple JavaScript plugin or custom action to large modules like customizing the binary storage, you can extend the platform in many ways. Check the list of awesome stuff from the sensenet community.